Artist’s Wall: Are you a local artist wanting to display your artwork at CentreStage? This committee coordinates the artists and displays for each show.
Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk  Chairperson. 

Costume Committee: Do you have costumes to donate? Would you like to help sew costumes?  This committee works with directors to find suitable costumes for each play. If costumes are not available, then the committee sews needed clothing.
Lana Churchill  Chairperson.

House Management Committee: Would you like help greet our patrons? This committee looks after Front of House for each show (sells fundraiser raffle tickets, passes out programs, helps with tidying of the theatre before and after each show).
Bryen Stoddard  Chairperson.

Marketing and Publicity Committee: Would you like to help publicize CentreStage's plays and special events? Can you help sell tickets? Do you like to write media releases?  This committee makes sure the word is spread about CentreStage Theatre!
Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk  Chairperson. 

Sponsorship: Would you like to advertise with CentreStage? This committee organizes the sponsors and ad placements.
Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk  Chairperson

Play Reading Committee: Would you like to help select the plays at CentreStage? Are you a local playwright looking to workshop your play? Would you like to hold a performance at CentreStage? This committee reads plays for possible selection, chooses directors for upcoming plays, works with local playwrights to workshop and/or produce their plays. 
Junie Hutchinson  Chairperson. 

Building and Property Committee: Are you handy? Do you want to help make repairs to the theatre? This committee maintains and repairs the building
Alan Tupper  Chairperson.

Set Management and Technical Committee: We always need help building our sets - do you have carpentry or painting skills? Are you interested in light/sound tech work? We will train you! This committee manages set pieces/set building materials/designs and helps build sets, manages technical equipment/designs light and sound effects.
Junie Hutchinson  Chairperson.

Membership Committee: Would you like to become a member? This committee looks after the membership roll.
Suzie Blatt  Chairperson. 

Special Events Committee: Would you like to participate in a special event or workshop? Do you have an idea for a special event or workshop? This committee looks after coordinating our special events.
Mike Butler  Chairperson.

Donations: Would you like to make a donation to CentreStage Theatre? This committee looks after the donations for the theatre and issues charitable receipts.
 Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk  Chairperson. 

Youth Theatre: Want to know about events of interest to youth? This committee looks after Youth Drama Camps and youth drama workshops.
Lana Churchill  Chairperson.

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