A mature comedy by

Paul Elliott


Directors: Bryen Stoddard & Alan Tupper


Audition Date: Thursday, March 23, 2023 @ 7pm.

Where: On the Main Stage of CentreStage Theatre.

(If you are unable to make the audition on March 22, please contact Bryen Stoddard:

*Performances will be: June 2, 3, 9, 10, 11 matinee, 16, 17, 18 matinee, 23, 24 (10 shows).



When the biggest highlight of your life for the past 30 years has been your weekly bridge night out with the “girls”, what do you do when one of your foursome inconveniently dies? If you're Connie, Leona and Millie, three southern ladies from Alabama, you do the most daring thing you've ever done. You "borrow" your friend’s ashes from the funeral home for one last card game, and the wildest, most exciting night of your lives involves a police raid, a stripper and a whole new way of looking at all the fun you can have when you're truly living.


Roles Available:

Rachel Ann Harland – University age. A young woman who seems to have issues with life and men until bridge night opens her eyes.

Connie Harland – Divorced mother of Rachel Ann. Connie finds on this fateful bridge night that life doesn’t end at middle age.

Leona – One of Connie’s closest friends and a member of the bridge club for over 30 years. She’s a beautician by profession and a rather caustic lush by preference.

Millie – Another of Connie’s friends and a long-standing member of the bridge club. Millie moves to her own special drummer (even though she’s the only one who can hear them).

*Please note: Connie, Leona and Millie all dance and get physically close to the Policeman during his dancing scene.

Policeman/Bobby – University age. A young man of many talents that all come to “bare” on the ladies’ bridge night. *Please note that this character must dance and strip down to his boxer shorts.

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