The Altos

The Altos

The Altos: Wine and Nibbles Night


Come see The Altos: it's like The Sopranos, only lower! An Interactive Musical Comedy Mystery Spoof of the famous HBO series. Meet the family that inspired it all, the Altos. It's Tony's funeral (Or is it?) and his wife Toffee has invited you to the wake. Chris wants you to check your weapons at the door (and if you don't have any, he's got extras!) Uncle Senior has a rigged dice game going and Tony's Ma is - well just nuts. Tony's shrink Dr. Malaise is giving free analysis and the Father isn't sure what he is doing! But one thing is for sure, almost no one seems sad that Tony is gone and they certainly done seem happy once he's discovered alive. Be prepared to dodge bullets, laugh at the songs and see if you can't figure out who put a contract out on Tony! This show is Bang-On fun!


Gar MacDonald

Josee Leclerc-Mann

Shaun Whynacht

Nikki Gray
"Aunt Toffee"

Johann Botha
"Father Flip"

Carolyn Abernathy-Smith

Richard Richard
"Uncle Senior"

Bob Dorland
"Delivery Man"

Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk

Lauren Mills

Lauren Mills
Stage Manager

Elva Kelley

Director: Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk


Friday April 14th & Saturday April 15th at 7:00 PM

A CentreStage Wine & Nibblers Fundraiser