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The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe

A Holiday Comedy by Pat Cook

November 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22m, 27, 28, December 4, 5, 6m, 11, 12

Showtime 8pm; 2pm matinée on November 22 and December 6

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

It's almost Christmas - the season to be jolly - but things are going downhill fast at the Kendall's! Carl's been fired, the budget won't stretch far enough to cover gifts for everyone and Uncle Roscoe's due to arrive any day for a visit. As a matter of fact, a reasonable facsimile of Uncle has arrived, a bit prematurely, and brought his friend Kenny!  Oh-oh! A thoroughly contemporary holiday celebration, warmly, wryly humorous and brimming with the love of living! The best for any season!

The play is written by Pat Cook and directed by Chérie Zinck.

Cast in order of appearance: Junie Hutchinson, Katie Goddard, Alan Tupper, Bob Cook, Erin McLearn, Noah Holleman, Kevin Pearle, Susan Monro, Nancy Henry, Bryen Stoddard,  Beth Irvine, Richard Richard

The cast

Mary Ann Kendall Junie Hutchinson
Mindy Kendall Katie Goddard
Dexter Holly Alan Tupper
Kenny Kennedy Bob Cook
Charlene Kendall Erin McLearn
Horton Noah Holleman
Carl Kendall Kevin Pearle
Gladys Muldoon Nancy Henry
Agnes Hempstead Susan Monro
Uncle Roscoe Bryen Stoddard
Jessica Cleburne Beth Irvine
Hank Richard Richard

The Crew

Director Chérie Zinck
Producer Elva Kelley
Stage Manager Cyndy Cook
Costumes Lana Churchill
Lighting Ernest Zinck
Sound Ernest Zinck
Set Design Chérie Zinck
Set Building & Painting Neal Benneworth, Bob Cook, George Henry, Nandy Henry, Marc Hétu, Elva Kelley, Susan Monro, Alan Tupper, Chérie Zinck, Ernest Zinck
Photographer Ernest Zinck
Posters, Program & Website Sharon Churchill Roe
Publicity Publicity Committee
E-newsletter Editor Laura Churchill Duke

Junie Hutchinson

JunieJunie Hutchinson is excited to be acting in another CentreStage show. She last played M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias at CentreStage in 2010. Usually Junie is on the other side of the stage directing the comedies. She has previously directed, stage managed and acted in many shows for Quick As A Wink Theatre (since 2003), but made her directorial debut at CentreStage this past summer with the farce Leading Ladies. She will be directing Enchanted April for CS in Spring 2016. She also has been a ghost with Valley Ghost Walks for the past five years. Thank you to Cherie for giving her this opportunity, and the rest of the cast for the fun rehearsals.

Katie Goddard

KatieKatie has participated in 6 CentreStage camps and she has also played a role in Fezziwig for the past 4 years. Last year Katie played the role of Helen Weathers in Neptune Theatre’s A Christmas Story. She also played Alice in Wolfville school’s Alice in Wonderland. Katie is very excited to be a part of this show and wishes everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Alan Tupper

AlanAlan Tupper just finished directing Too Soon For Daisies, his directorial debut with CentreStage. He last acted with CentreStage in the 1980s while attending Acadia University. He is thrilled to be back with CS in the newly renovated theatre. Since 2005 he has been acting and directing shows with Quick As A Wink Theatre in Windsor. He last appeared in the QAAW farce, Don’t Dress For Dinner, as George (March 2014) and in the musical Oklahoma! as Andrew Carnes (January, 2014). He directed Steel Magnolias for QAAW in March this year.  He would like to thank Chérie and Ernest for all their hard work this year. Enjoy the show!

Bob Cook

BobBob is co-owner and Manager of Elements of Health Spa in Windsor, with his wife, Cyndy. He teaches Tai Chi and QiGong and is a Registered Acupressure Massage Therapist. He suggests laughter therapy is best, and what better venue than CentreStage? Bob Says, “Each character I play brings with it a new life lesson. Learning can’t be any funner.” (Yes! He said funner.)


Erin McLearn

ErinErin McLearn is a homeschooled student in grade ten. Although she has been acting since she was 5, this is her first production with CentreStage Theatre. She enjoys studying, playing sports, volunteering, and chilling with her friends.

Noah Holleman

NoahNoah Holleman is a Grade 12 student at Central Kings RHS. He has been interested in theatre since he was young. He has been in a variety of theatre camps and Stage Prophets musicals. He plans to study theatre after graduation.

Kevin Pearle

KevinKevin Pearle studied Drama at Mount Allison University before going into the field of education. After being very active as an actor, playwright and director in his twenties, he devoted the lion’s share of his time to his career in teaching, which has taken him around the world and back again. More recently, Kevin has been involved in his local community theatre troupe, The BFD Actors Theatrical Society, in Brooklyn, West Hants. His recent acting roles include playing a young boy named Austin in “Austin’s First Christmas Concert,” and taking on the role of Dr. Watson in a murder mystery called “Is That Man Dead?” In November of 2014 Kevin wrote, directed and acted in a romantic comedy called “Order, Please!” Last Spring, “Hallelujah Girls,” was Kevin’s debut with the Centre Stage Theatre Company. He’s excited to take to the stage again for this production.

Nancy Henry

Nancy's journey with CentreStage started in 1993 with The Whales of August as Tish. She completes her 22nd year as Gladys in The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe with many characters in between! Nancy is also a member of the Board of Directors. She is a member of the Publicity Committee and a sorter of garbage, ahh, life in community theatre. Many good wishes for the end of the year and pleasant thoughts for the new one. And oh yes, "a good football team"!

Susan Monro

SusanSusan Monro is so happy to be involved in this year’s Christmas production, and is experiencing a wee bit of déjà vu!  Her first CentreStage Theatre role was in 2005 playing Miss Bates (Emma) and a good character role is so much fun.  Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy the show!

Bryen Stoddard

Bryen is excited to share the stage with this incredible cast. He last appeared in Temperance in A Teacup and helped backstage for Too Soon for Daisies. A retired Human Resources Professional, he lives in Kentville with his cat Sam. He also may be found, from time to time, working at the North End Market.  There is a Santa Claus, enjoy the show!

Beth Irvine

BethDelighted to be playing on stage again, Beth Irvine is playing as TV interviewer Jessica in The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe. She hopes you enjoy as many laughs as the cast did getting this play ready for your viewing.

Richard Richard

Richard Richard: Born and raised in Québec, Richard is looking forward to his first role at CentreStage. Besides doing some acting in his youth, he has been involved with Valley Ghost Walks for the past three years recreating the ghost of Isaac Deschamps and had a role with Spyglass Mystery Theatre’s production Murder at the Banquet.He is a marathon runner and recently ran the 117th marathon at the Harvest Valley Marathon in Wolfville. He lives in New Minas with his two dogs, Zak and Taz, and often may be found working in his gardens. Enjoy the show.

Chérie Zinck

Chérie Zinck lives in Port Williams with three cats and the lighting person.

Cyndy Cook

CyndyCyndy Cook (yes Cook ,not Kenley anymore) is very happy to be Stage Managing such an awesome cast and crew. It’s always fun to watch a play develop and this came together magically. Sit back,relax and enjoy some Christmas Magic

Ernest Zinck

ErnestErnest Zinck is a retired chemistry professor who lives in Port Williams with the Director and three cats. He has just finished lighting The Women of Lockerbie. Enjoy this show!