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The Lighthouse

A drama by Nova Scotian Playwright Allen Hume

2pm matinees on October 26 and November 1 and 2
8pm performances on October 24, 25, and November 1

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

The essence of the play focuses on living in a lighthouse which is the beacon in the life of the family who live there and the surrounding community. Several family members are engaged in fighting the war while the rest are trying to resurrect an industry for the community for those who return. The lighthouse keeper is also the mayor of the community. The family is close and enjoys family moments while enduring the heartaches that the war can bring.

The Cast of The Lighthouse

Ray Baltzer
Jackie Mke Holland
May Candy O’Brien
Ella Tracy Churchill
Lionel Mike Butler
Anna Sherry Bishop
Raymond Wil Lang

The Crew

Director Allen Hume
Producer George Henry
Stage Manager Jean Kelly
Costumes Lana Churchill and Cast
Lighting Mark Crouse
Set Builders Cast, Crew & Friends
Photographer Emily Lutz
Publicity Irene Armstrong, Diana Bishop, Laura Churchill Duke, Sharon Churchill Roe & Nancy Henry
Special Thanks Gren Jones

Ray Baltzer

Since his retirement in 1996, Ray has been involved in many musicals and plays with a number of theatre companies: notably Kipowo Theatre, Fezziwig, Women of Wolfville, Quick as a Wink and Stage Prophets. He really enjoyed working on Les Miserables with Stage Prophets and The Secret Garden with Quick As A Wink last spring. The Lighthouse by Allen Hume is Ray’s first show at CentreStage, and it is a wonderful story and a real challenge for all the cast. Ray says he is especially enjoying his first experience at the highly-successful Kentville theatre and working with Allen. “I’m learning a lot from him and the rest of the talented cast and hope everyone enjoys the play as much as I have enjoyed the experience of being in it.”

Mike Holland

Mike Holland is in his fourth show at CentreStage, his most recent being Evelyn Strange. “Working with Allen and cast of The Lighthouse has been a wonderful experience. From the first day we came together, it has been so positive, with many fond memories. I am privileged to share this stage with such incredible people. To you folks attending our show, it is your presence that makes it special. Enjoy!”

Candy O'Brien

Candy O’Brien: After a year off, Candy is excited to tread the boards once again, and with a cast like this who could blame her. “Thank you to Allen for casting me. It’s been an honour and a pleasure bringing The Lighthouse to the stage.

Tracy Churchill

Tracy Churchill really hates writing program bios but since she loves being in plays so much it is a burden she must bear. Tracy grew up coming to CentreStage plays and had a little dream to work with Allen Hume; so she is pretty excited to be in this show. “Thanks to Allen for casting me and letting me call you “Allen Hume”. Thanks to my amazing cast and crew mates, it’s been a joyful journey. Thanks to my ever supporting and loving husband for being so awesome. Thanks to my babies at home for letting Mommy sneak out to the “feeter”. Enjoy the show folks; we enjoyed getting it ready for you.”

Mike Butler

Mike Butler is fresh off the stage from My Boy Jack to do The Lighthouse. He just couldn’t say no to Allen after having such a wonderful time last year with Coins. “Thanks Allen for giving me the chance to work with this amazing cast. When I’m not on stage, I’m at the Il Dolce Far Niente Espresso Bar in Wolfville, or see if you can spot me on the Kentville and Wolfville Ghost Walks! One last thanks to my incredible partner Ian who is my greatest support and my biggest fan! Thanks for being the best part of my crazy busy life! I love you, Ian!”

Sherry Bishop

Sherry Bishop’s most recent CentreStage play was the thriller Coins, also written by Allen. Since then she has played the Red Queen in The Fezziwig Society’s musical version of Alice in Wonderland and appeared in The Secret Garden, a joint production of Kings-Edgehill and Quick As A Wink Theatre. Sherry feels that bringing The Lighthouse to life has been a unique challenge in that it has required each member of the cast to connect equally closely with every other actor.

Wil Lang

Wil Lang grew up in Banff Alberta. He first came to the Annapolis Valley in 2004 to study performance theatre at Acadia University. Upon graduating in 2009, Wil returned to Alberta and obtained his Masters degree in architecture. Wil’s love of the valley drew him back to Wolfville in 2012. After returning to the stage in last year’s Fezziwig production, Wil is both honoured and excited to be a part of The Lighthouse.

Jean Kelly

“It is an honour to once again work with director and playwright, Allen Hume. It is also wonderful to work with this terrific cast — such a fun group, and also this amazing crew — the lighting person is awesome!”

Mark Crouse

Mark Crouse is excited to be providing the lights and sound for this show. He was last seen in the upper theatre production of Coins.

A note from the Author, Allen Hume

Some of the events in this play might have happened. The rest is fictional luxury. Many years ago my mother told me about one year in her life during WWII. In that year, she lost her mother, father, a brother to the war and gave birth to my oldest brother. My father was in the navy at the time and didn’t return home until much later. I asked how she possibly did this. She calmly looked me in the eye, and said, “What choice did I have?” So this is for my mother and father and all people at that time that showed remarkable resiliency in very difficult times. And yes, she did live in a lighthouse with her family.