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The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe

A Holiday Comedy by Pat Cook

November 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22m, 28, 29, December 4, 5, 6m, 11, 12

Showtime 8pm; 2pm matinee on November 22 and December 6

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

It's almost Christmas - the season to be jolly - but things are going downhill fast at the Kendall's! Carl's been fired, the budget won't stretch far enough to cover gifts for everyone and Uncle Roscoe's due to arrive any day for a visit. As a matter of fact, a reasonable facsimile of Uncle has arrived, a bit prematurely, and brought his friend Kenny!  Oh-oh! A thoroughly contemporary holiday celebration, warmly, wryly humorous and brimming with the love of living! The best for any season!

The play is written by Pat Cook and directed by Chérie Zinck.

Cast in order of appearance: Junie Hutchinson, Katie Goddard, Alan Tupper, Bob Cook, Erin MacInnis, Noah Holleman, Kevin Pearle, Susan Monro, Nancy Henry, Bryen Stoddard,  Beth Irvine, Richard Richard

Not Now, Darling

A farce by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm
January 8 to February 13

Sundays @ 2:00pm
January 24, 31 and February 7

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

The scene is the exclusive London fur salon of Bodley and Crouch, where Crouch (the well-meaning innocent) struggles to keep things on an even keel despite the energetic philandering of his partner. At the moment, Bodley is trying to secure the affections of his latest would-be mistress by "selling" her husband an expensive mink fur coat for a fraction of its real worth, and the stammering Crouch is saddled with the task of consummating the sale with a straight face. But, as luck would have it, the husband seizes the bargain coat as the perfect gift for his own mistress—whereupon the complications burgeon uproariously, with poor Crouch caught in the middle. 

Hyronomous A Frog

A family show by Edith Weiss

Saturdays and Sundays @ 2:00pm
February 13 to 28

Tickets $7 (Call 902-678-8040)

Hyronomous, an inept and lonely frog prince, lives in a bog in the kingdom of Spamelot.  Hyronomous is bored and unhappy as a frog.  He’s larger than the other frogs and hates the taste of flies.  One day, the good witch Gloria appears to tell him he was once a human prince and it was a spell that turned him into an amphibian.  To break this croak-filled wizardry, Hyronomous must be kissed by a maiden. 

Love from a Stranger

An Agatha Christie Mystery adapted by Frank Vosper

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm
February 26 to April 2

Sundays @ 2:00pm
April 6, 13, and 20

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

Cecily Harrington's fiance is traveling in the Sudan, when she wins a big prize in a sweepstake and decides to postpone the wedding to spend a portion of the money on a European trip. During her travels, she meets Bruce Lovell, who sweeps the romance-craving Cecily off her feet, marries her, and takes her to his out-of-the-way cottage in the country. However, Lovell is not the charming gentleman he appears to be. 

Enchanted April

A dramatic comedy by Matthew Barber

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm
April 22 to May 28

Sundays @ 2:00pm
May 8 and 15

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

When two frustrated London housewives decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday away from their bleak marriages, they recruit two very different English women to share the cost and the experience. There, among the wisteria blossoms and Mediterranean sunshine, all four bloom again—rediscovering themselves in ways that they—and we—could never have expected.


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Special Events

Auditioning Workshop!

Auditioning for a Play - Demystified!
Ever thought about acting at CentreStage but been too intimidated by the first step...i.e. Auditioning? Have you auditioned before but not gotten a role? Our workshop will take you step-by-step through the audition process to help you feel comfortable and confident for future auditions. Auditioning is a skill, and, like any skill, can be learned.

WHEN: Saturday, October 17, 2 - 4pm.
WHERE: CentreStage Theatre, Upper Performance Centre.
HOW MUCH: Free! But space is limited. Please contact Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk at or Junie Hutchinson at to reserve your spot or for more info.

Remembering Wartime Through Music and Theatre

CentreStage and Kings County Historical Society is once again partnering to present Remembering Wartime Through Music and Theatre. Come to the Kings County Courthouse on November 6 and 7th and to reminisce about a time gone by with the help of artists from all over the Valley. Music will be provided by Nancie Armstrong and ReWind, Sally Wilkie, Bob Connon, Ed Coleman and Wayne MacDonald. Actors will include Bob Conan, Gabe Skaling, Brian Cottam, Darrell Doucette, Val Rafuse, Jax Bruneau, JoeAnne Dobblesstyne and Hannah Mitchell. The storyteller will be the intrepid Gordon Hansford! What an evening!

Tickets are $12/$15, Season passes and gift certificates are not accepted.

The show begins at 7:30. Call the museum at 902.678.6237 or CentreStage answering service 902.678.8040 for reservations.