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Not Now, Darling

A farce by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm
January 8 to February 13

Sundays @ 2:00pm
January 24, 31 and February 7

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

The scene is the exclusive London fur salon of Bodley and Crouch, where Crouch (the well-meaning innocent) struggles to keep things on an even keel despite the energetic philandering of his partner. At the moment, Bodley is trying to secure the affections of his latest would-be mistress by "selling" her husband an expensive mink fur coat for a fraction of its real worth, and the stammering Crouch is saddled with the task of consummating the sale with a straight face. But, as luck would have it, the husband seizes the bargain coat as the perfect gift for his own mistress—whereupon the complications burgeon uproariously, with poor Crouch caught in the middle. 

Hyronomous A Frog

A family show by Edith Weiss

Saturdays and Sundays @ 2:00pm
February 13 to 28

Tickets $7 (Call 902-678-8040)

Hyronomous, an inept and lonely frog prince, lives in a bog in the kingdom of Spamelot.  Hyronomous is bored and unhappy as a frog.  He’s larger than the other frogs and hates the taste of flies.  One day, the good witch Gloria appears to tell him he was once a human prince and it was a spell that turned him into an amphibian.  To break this croak-filled wizardry, Hyronomous must be kissed by a maiden. 

Love from a Stranger

An Agatha Christie Mystery adapted by Frank Vosper

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm
February 26 to April 2

Sundays @ 2:00pm
March 6, 13, and 20

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

Cecily Harrington's fiance is traveling in the Sudan, when she wins a big prize in a sweepstake and decides to postpone the wedding to spend a portion of the money on a European trip. During her travels, she meets Bruce Lovell, who sweeps the romance-craving Cecily off her feet, marries her, and takes her to his out-of-the-way cottage in the country. However, Lovell is not the charming gentleman he appears to be. 

Enchanted April

A dramatic comedy by Matthew Barber

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm
April 22 to May 28

Sundays @ 2:00pm
May 8 and 15

Tickets $15/$12 (Call 902-678-8040)

When two frustrated London housewives decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday away from their bleak marriages, they recruit two very different English women to share the cost and the experience. There, among the wisteria blossoms and Mediterranean sunshine, all four bloom again—rediscovering themselves in ways that they—and we—could never have expected.



Audition Date: Tuesday, December 15, 7pm, upstairs at CentreStage

Enchanted April, a dramatic, romantic comedy, by Matthew Barber (from the novel by Elizabeth Von Arnim)

Director: Junie Hutchinson
Producer: Bryen Stoddard

Production dates: April 22 to May 28 (14 shows)

Auditions will consist of cold readings of brief scenes from the script. Everyone will have time to look over the scene and get familiar with the words. The scenes do not have to be memorized, but a feeling for the character should come through.

OVERVIEW: Set in 1920s after WWI. When two frustrated London housewives decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday away from their bleak marriages, they recruit two very different English women to share the cost and the experience. There, among the wisteria blossoms and Mediterranean sunshine, all four bloom again — rediscovering themselves in ways that they – and we – could never have expected.

CHARACTERS (British accents not required):

LOTTY WILTON – 30s - 40s, a Hampstead housewife. Yearning for something greater in her life. A romantic with a wild streak. Anxious to get what she wants.

MELLERSH WILTON — Middle aged. Lotty's husband. A solicitor. The typical stuffy English gentleman. Believes women should be caretakers, not adventurers.

ROSE ARNOTT — 30s - early 40s, a Hampstead housewife. Depressed and a bit lost, but yearning for something greater in her life. A romantic. Deeply religious.

FREDERICK ARNOTT — Middle aged. Rose's husband, a writer and poet. Enjoys the London social scene and his place in it. Easily seduced by fame. Actor has small amount of singing in play.

LADY CAROLINE BRAMBLE — 20s, an aristocrat and socialite. Depressed and lonely, she lost her newly wed husband in WWI. Seeking peace. A bit like Lady Mary in DOWNTON ABBEY. Has some Italian dialogue (perfect accent not necessary).

ANTONY WILDING — 20s to early 30s, an artist, handsome, sensitive. A gentle soul who owns the villa the ladies will be renting. A desirable catch. Has some Italian dialogue.

MRS. GRAVES — 60s - 70s, a London matron, set in her ways, very proper. Lost her husband in the war. Think of Maggie Smith in DOWNTON ABBEY.

CONSTANZA — 40s - 60s, the Italian housekeeper for the villa. Doesn’t suffer fools easily. Comedic. Devoted to Mr. Wilding. Speaks only in Italian so actress should be ready to research pronunciation.

Special Events

"Laura and Ben" are coming home!

CentreStage Theatre will be hosting the North American premier of the locally produced short film “Laura and Ben” at 8pm on November 29th 2015. Shot in Kentville and produced and directed by Rick Saulnier, the film had its world premier at The Cannes Film Festival in May 2015. It stars many familiar faces from CentreStage including Diana Bishop, Peter Booth, Emily Lutz, Chérie Zinck, and John Smith. Come celebrate a Nova Scotia film with us. Wild Lupin will be providing technical support for this event.

There is no charge for admission but there will be a cash bar for this occasion. Call 902-678-8040 for reservations.

Come and enjoy an evening of music and fun at CentreStage!

Come and enjoy an evening of music and fun at CentreStage!  It will be happening on December 13th at 7:30 in the Upper Performance Centre. Tickets are $10 or $5 if you are a Society member ( you may join the Society for $10 a year, benefits include $1 off per show,it pays for itself). Performers include Mike Butler, Bob Cook, Brian Cottam, Devon Lee-Barclay, Carla MacKenzie, Bob Melanson,  Davina Melanson, Valerie Rafuse, Bryen Stoddard, Kelly Westhaver, Chérie Zinck. CentreStage is also pleased to have The Dukes of Kent as special guests. Call 902-678-8040 for reservations. There will be a Cash Bar and a 50/50 draw.

A Child's Christmas in Wales

Caravan Theatre brings alive the magic of Christmas with its dramatic reading of Dylan Thomas’ timeless classic, “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.

Performing on a modest stage embellished only by Tomas’ poetic and evocative language, four actors transport the audience back to old-time Christmases of years gone by, where Aunts lace their tea with rum, Uncles smoke and snore, and boys tumble into adventures out in the snow. Join us for this family-friendly remembrance of Christmases past and the awe of childhood.

Caravan Theatre is pleased to announce that East Coast Carolling will make a special appearance.

“A Child’s Christmas in Wales” will be performed:

Fri, Dec 18, 7pm at Manning Memorial Chapel (Acadia University, Wolfville) 
$10 tickets available at Box of Delights Bookstore, 466 Main St., Wolfville

Sat, Dec 19, 2pm & 7pm at CentreStage Theatre (61 River St., Kentville) 
$10 tickets available by reservation at 902 678-8040

Mon Dec 21, 6:30pm at Knox United Church (567 Sackville Dr., Lower Sackville)
Free-Will Donation

For more information, visit